Participate In A Real Life Cannonball-Run Type Event!

Fool's Roll is a true-to-life Cannonball-Run type of event that starts in Austin, Texas and ends up in Vegas! Fun and adventure is guaranteed! Using $2,000 or less you must buy a car, drive it to Vegas, sell the car, put all the money on one bet of blackjack, roulette, craps or war!... while wearing costumes the entire time! The team that gets to Vegas in the least amount of time, without breaking the law, wins. Get a're out! We take safety seriously. 1st place winner get's $10,000 cash, 2nd place: $4,000 and 3rd: $2,000!!

Who Does This?

Ah-HA!... its YOU!... the lightweight, punk-ass, sissypants who wussed out last year and didn't man-up like the rest of our super-heroes did...and after you caught wind from all your buds about how much crazy fun we had goofin' and tearin' up the asphalt, you laid around the rest of the year in your pink butterfly jammies... curled up... whining to your mommy about... how you "shoulda"... how you "coulda"...

Well, Skippy... the Good Gods of Great Adventure are giving you another chance 'cause... it's baaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaack...

YOU there... NEW GUY... So you think you've got cajones the size of casaba melons? Just because you juggle rattlesnakes or velcro vials of nitro-glycerin to your pogo stick doesn't make you a tough guy... pfffff... man, that's Girl Scout stuff. THE FOOLS ROLL VI is for REAL men. Look at us... we tore it up last year... grindin' gears... scorched earth, mile after mile... we done it, we saw it, and we came back to tell about it... and we've got pictures and scars on our livers to prove it! Now it's YOUR turn to step up and join us...

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...but wait... you better take a minute to think before you do

You'll need more testosterone than a rampaging, out-of-control, 18-wheel tanker truck can hold more guts, gumption and desire to win than the Jamaican bob-sled team more keen, conniving craftiness than Tonya Harding! Wieners, wimps and wusses ain't gonna make the cut, dude. This is an action-packed, testosterone-charged, stud-challengin', ass-kickin', road-ragin', gas-powered, hair-raising, IQ-lowering, 18 hour, 1300 mile, spit-in-your-face sprint to none other than Sin City, USA Lasssss Vegasssss!

Rules? What Sort of Rules?

Come on now, ANY contest worth winning needs a few RULES right?
Our rules are part of what makes this so fun! These are rules that will assure everyone has an awesome adventure!

Prizes. Yea, we have awesome prizes!

Do you see last years winners? The "Holy Rollers" got $10,000 in cold hard cash! You think these guys had fun in their car and costumes? We have prizes galore for all sorts of things. Check out all of our prizes! Get off the couch, and do this "bucket-list" type event and enter right now!

Okay...all fun aside...let's get serious here for a moment:

LAST year we experienced some really under-handed, sneaky, conniving, low-down, un-sportsman-like conduct dealt out by a few bad apples among the contestants and we need to get one thing straight...right here, and right now...

WAY 'TA GO DUDES!!!!!!! THAT's what we're talkin' about!!! Bring it on, baby!!!!! As long as nobody gets hurt, ANYTHING goes on the road!

Calling all fun-lovers!

THE FOOLS ROLL VII 2016 is looking for a brave, adventurous troop of light-hearted, bravado-filled men and women of all walks of life to engage in this April Fools weekend escapade of tomfoolery. We're seeking opportunistic opponents with high spirits who are hell-bent for fun, adventure and the American Way: thrill-seekers, dare-devils, road-warriors, swashbucklers, mule-skinners, fore-skinners, hotdogs, road hogs, lumberjacks, crackerjacks, don't-know-jacks, Mennonites, transvestites, gold-diggers, fish mongers, business suits, daisy dukes, blacksmiths, whitesmiths, midgets, misfits, cops, roughriders, lowriders, centaurs, hard bodies, lard bodies, busy bodies, samurais, architects, rejects, rodeo clowns, foolhardies, Laurel & Hardies, know-it-alls, damn-it-all...

You know who you are...and...we want you! Come on, man...escape the B.S. of your pathetic lives and turn loose that old jack-assed A-Hole that only your college pals know.

Hey...did ya think we were' when we said we had crazy fun last year? Well, Skippy, just listen to these first-hand accounts from actual FOOLS ROLL veterans! Come on over to our Facebook page as well and take a look at more video and pictures captured by the participants themselves!

Just year YOUR story could be here!

We know it sometimes takes a little self-motivation to get into The Fools Roll spirit. Try these...

Helpful Gear Up and Get Ready Tips from the folks at The Fool's Roll:

  • Guys – Un-cap a bottle of Jack Daniels, fill your shorts with fire-ants, and watch The Road Warrior in 3-D.
  • Ladies – Slide into a pair of your husband's dirty Fruit of the Looms, put Thelma & Louise in the Blue Ray and pound sake bombs.

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